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Major Sales for Downloadable PC Sites


It is rapidly approaching Summer, and PC game sales are starting off strong.

Anyone who plays games on PC knows one thing about the Summer months: it’s the time for major sales for downloadable games. Steam, Valve’s online game distribution juggernaut, alwayss holds a massive sale, slashing prices to ridiculous extremes. A 50% markdown is common, but some games can get as low as 85% off their retail price.

Though Steam hasn’t officially kicked off their Summer sales, it seems two other sites are trying to beat them to our dollars.


Good Old Games, or GOG for short, features older PC games like Dungeon Keeper and Deus Ex in a completely DRM-free format, and has kicked off it’s 2015 DRM Free Summer Sale. In addition to general across-the-board price cuts, the site is also offering 24-hour bundle deals for up to 90% off.

Green Man Gaming, which offers current games from partners such as 2K, Bethesda and Capcom, is also holding a sale in the form of a 20% off coupon on digital games it offers on its site. Considering the site is garnering a reputation for having prices comparable to Steam on a constant basis, this would be a massive amount for anyone looking to get new releases and games from the last decade.

Green Man Gaming

Of course Steam won’t be quiet for long. While no details have been officially announced, rumors have it Valve will be gracing us with their trademark event on June 11th.

Until then, prepare your wallets for a bit of emptying…


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