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E3 2015- Star Wars Battlefront III


Finally! The long awaited Battlefront 3 is on it’s way, and by the force it looks amazing! The first two happen to be some of my favorite FPS, or third person shooters if the way you preferred to play the game, and this latest installment doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. From publisher EA (say what you want, but they are still around for a reason) Battlefront 3 looks like it delivers exactly what we’ve come to expect and enjoy about the franchise.


Large sweeping maps, the gameplay trailer (which is amazing) shows us the Battle of Hoth, perhaps one of the most iconic moments in Star Wars history (alright fine, that was Luke getting his hand cut off, but it’s from the same movie!) the game seems to capture it’s epicness with flying colors. We have the ability to pilot speeders, Tiefighters, X-Wings, ATAT Walkers, and Chicken Walkers (That’s right I called them chicken walkers, deal with it!) and even hero mode, where we get to control Luke or Vader depending on your chosen side? Yes please.


All that combined with some AMAZING looking graphics that you can enjoy from a first person perspective, or third person, it’s a game I really look forward to. Slated to release in November of this year, it comes just in time for Christmas, and will be available for PS4 Xbox 1, and my favorite, PC. This is going to be one to look for folks, so keep your ears to the ground, or you know, just use the Force Luke.


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