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In-Progress Page

This is the In-Progress Page, where we fill you in on what”s coming up on Stay-At-Home Gaming! The entries will be dated as they are entered and erased when obsolete. Check back for updates on upcoming articles and events!

6/15/13 We’ve recently started conceptualizing for a possible video segment for the site. A difficult proposition considering the great video work already out there, but we’ll see what we can do with it!

5/7/13 Our Fiftieth Article went out today… Feels like a long time since the beginning, but we’re feeling mighty good about it!

2/17/13 Holy crap. After taking an all-nighter to work on the site, we now have a new name, theme, menu, rating systems for articles and comments, article scheduling, and more!
Taking a break from updating for a bit. Maybe a little tweaking here and there, but focusing on articles first.

2/9/13 Last day of my vacation… sad face. Most people would go on a trip or relax a lot. I learned how to create and edit sprites! I think it turned out pretty well. Enjoy the new header!


12/7/13 thank to a gigantic surge from the United Kingdom, we broke 20,000 views tonight. Seems we have some incredible promotors we don’t even know about, but we love you and will send you T-Shirts if we ever have them!

10/19/13 10,000 views. Doesn’t even seem like a real number, does it? 10,000 lifetime views. For a small blog, that is astounding and I couldn’t be more grateful for each and every one.

9/23/13 Reddit and Facebook pulled together for an incredible 1,100+ views today, thanks to a new contributor’s first article… blown away.

7/18/13 Achievement Unlocked: 5,000 Lifetime Views! Celebratory Bacon Turkey Burger doesn’t have the same ring to it, so cheeseburger will have to suffice… *fake sigh* I gotta start thinking of new ways to thank people (and myself) on these milestones… maybe a plushie giveaway on 10,000?

7/1/13 The month of June brought us 1,030 views! Every milestone counts, and our first 1K in a month makes us ecstatic!

3/11/13 We’ve reached another milestone! Over 2,000 hits reached today! The next milestone is 5,000 hits, otherwise there will be too many celebratory bacon cheeseburgers for me… but can you ever have too many of those?

2/2/13 Damn! Due to a posting of The XCOM Diaries on Reddit, every record we had was shattered, and we reached over 1,000 total site hits today! Guess 2,000 views is the new record for the year!
Thank you to the XCOM community on Reddit! We love you guys!

1/25/13 Stay-At-Home Gaming had it’s 500th hit today! Thank you to our audience in the United Kingdom for giving us the bump to greatness! 1000 views was the goal for 2013, but at this rate I may need to change the yearly goal! Looking forward to it!

12/5/12 Over 200 Page Views total today! Thanks to everyone who checked us out! Next up, 500!

11/16/12 Launch Day for Stay-At-Home Gaming! Gotta love this interwebs thing…


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