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Write for Stay-At-Home Gaming!

Stay-At-Home Gaming is now accepting submissions for Guest Articles! We’re looking for thought provoking material from all types of gamers on any video game related topic! Whether you’re an established writer looking to help the little guy (us) or an amateur hoping to make your mark, we’re looking for you!

If we get enough constant submissions, this may, one day, become a feature on the site! Until then, we’ll post occasionally as we approve them!

We do have some guidelines that need to be followed for any submitted articles:

1.) All articles must be PG-13. We have a good number of younger readers and we like knowing that parents won’t be worried about their kids reading excessive cursing or sexual references. An occasional ‘crap’ is fine, an article worthy of a PTC Cuss Count isn’t.

2.) Submissions must be Equal Opportunity-enjoyable. Gamers come in all forms and Stay-At-Home Gaming loves and respects them all. Therefore, no article can be written with a bias AGAINST race, sex, creed, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation or national origin. Even articles supporting these categories must follow this rule. Yes there are gray areas (a specific country’s views/laws about gaming, racial responses of a game, etc.), but if the article feels like an attack on any of these groups, it will not be accepted.

3.) Substance is a MUST! If you feel strongly about a video game or a gaming-world event, that’s great! The best articles are written from those feelings. Make sure the reader knows WHY you feel that way!

4.) Grammar matters! Some minor issues like a missed capitalization or an improper use of punctuation happens, and we can edit those, but an article that takes more time to edit than it takes to read is not fun!

5.) Write something that will make people think. It’s not required, and we’re not looking for world changing revelations in every article, but if we get three submissions and one of them makes us go “Wow, never thought of it that way,” that article will probably be the one we choose.

6.) Articles must be at least 500 words in length, relevant to video gaming, and have a clear point. And remember to have fun writing it! If you don’t enjoy writing it, it’s not worth doing!

If you are cool with these guidelines and still want to write for us, wonderful! Send your draft to along with any pictures you want included in the article (no pics with watermarks, please) and a little bit of info about you (real name, location, gaming history, etc.) If we like your work, we’ll e-mail you back with any revisions we might need and a request for a short bio, the name you want to be credited under (if requested and different from your real name) and a picture of yourself to be posted at the bottom of the article!

We hope to hear from you soon!


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